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Forgot your email or other account password? No need to worry, check out some tips for viewing forgotten passwords  below to resolve and view passwords that you have forgotten >.

For some people, they have or even often forget their email or other account passwords. Don’t rush to panic, there are several ways you can look back at the password for your account. Not only via laptop or computer, you can also do it via cellphone, you know!


How do you deal with forgetting your email password? Even though you really need to access the email. One way you can do this is through a web browser by utilizing the information system integrated in it. This method could be the first option for you without having to create a new password. Even though some of you may have passwords that are easy to guess, not all of you can remember them. This may be due to the many emails and accounts you have with different passwords. So you have difficulty remembering all the passwords. To overcome this, you can use Chrome Desktop. For those of you who are loyal Google Chrome users who activate automatic password back up, then you are very lucky. You will easily be able to see the saved passwords. So, to see it, you have to access the Google account that stores the password.

The following are tips for viewing forgotten passwords, namely:

The first step

1.Open Google Chrome on your desktop device.

2. Log in to the account that stores your email/account password.

3. After successfully logging in, click the three-dot icon in the top right corner. There are menu options there

4. Select the settings menu, then a new tab will automatically appear

5. Select the ‘autofill’ option on the new tab.

6. Then open ‘passwords’. Once clicked, the ‘password’ menu page will appear.

7. Scroll until you find several sets of passwords from various accounts.

8. If you have found the password for the email that you want to know, click the ‘show password’ icon or the icon with the image of an eye

9. You can see the password that you want to know.


However, remember, the password saved by Google Chrome is the result of auto-saving the last password change. You can confirm whether the password is correct or not by trying to log in to the related email account, using the information system integrated with this browser.

second step

still with Google chrome. But the difference is, via chrome on the cellphone. Usually the automatic password saving service is also available on mobile phones in addition to desktops. It would be even better if you activate the synchronization feature. So, when you access or open a Google account anywhere and anytime, the history stored remains the same.

The steps are almost the same as using Google Chrome on a desktop. It’s just that on Chrome cellphones the eye icon has been changed to a key-shaped icon. And usually you will be asked to enter your fingerprint, pin code, or other access verification.

Apart from Google Chrome, you can also use the method to view passwords on other browsers such as Mozilla Firefox. The steps are almost the same.

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I hope these tips and tricks help, don’t forget to always change your password regularly and write down your password so you don’t forget it. By understanding and utilizing the information systems available in various browsers, users can more easily manage and access their passwords.


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