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The internet has become a need that cannot be postponed in the millennial era like today. It is difficult for us to be separated from the internet, because with its existence the internet helps us a lot, especially making it easier to get information from all corners of the world quickly.

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We can access a lot of information from the internet, starting from school materials, tutorials, to additional resources that support the learning process, entertainment to content that is prohibited because it is not old enough or because of other prohibitions. Apart from that, the internet also provides various online learning platforms that can help students improve their understanding. So there are many messages ‘use the internet wisely’. The message is true, because when we make mistakes, we actually fall into bad things because we access the wrong information. Therefore, we must be careful in choosing the information from the internet that we will access and consume.

Many sites are blocked by the government because they are considered dangerous. But it is not uncommon for users to look for loopholes or loopholes to be able to access sites that have been blocked. One way is to use a browser. Understanding the use of anti-blocking browsers and how information technology can affect internet access is important to understand.

Below I will explain 5 ANTI-BLOCKING BROWSERS 2023 recommended by us informatics study program students for you to use, I hope this helps!


For those of you who often surf in cyberspace, you must have heard of or are even familiar with the UC Browser application. Yup, this browser can be said to be one of the many Android Operating System (OS) browser applications that is widely used. UC browser has many advantages, including the fast download feature. Other features that are no less interesting are incognito mode or incognito mode, gesture control and many others. There are more than fifty thousand UC browser users, wow, that’s quite a large number, isn’t it?

2.Opera Browser

Next in line is a browser that you have heard about very often and perhaps some of you have used this browser a lot. Opera browser is one of the recommended browsers for accessing blocked sites. Opera Browser has the skills to optimize and compress the content that will be displayed before being presented to the user. This of course provides benefits for users whose internet connections are slow or less capable. Apart from that, the Opera browser also has an ad blocking feature which is very helpful for users when creating website pages. So that the website you access will be displayed more quickly, which is very interesting, isn’t it?

3. Aloha browser

Number three is Aloha browser. Maybe for some people this browser is rarely heard of, but you can try making Aloha a browser choice that can access blocked sites, aka an anti-blocking browser.

4. Puffin Browser

Next at number four, there is Puffin Browser. Even though it is not as well-known as Opera and UC browsers, Puffin Browser could be an option for the next anti-blocking browser. The Puffin Browser application is available in two versions, namely the desktop version (PC) and the mobile version (Android). Puffin Browser itself offers two types of options to users, namely the free version and the paid version (premium version), which of course both have differences.

5.BF browser

Next, number five, there is BF browser. This browser is one of the recommended anti-blocking browsers that is really worth trying. BF browser allows its users to access blocked sites at high speed without the need to use additional VPN applications. Wow, isn’t that right?

Those are the 5 ANTI-BLOCKING BROWSERS 2023 and other browsers which are also recommended as anti-blocking browsers are Blue Proxy, Turbo VPN browser, Brave Browser, Pekob Pro, Azka Browser and Vegas Browser. So guys, you can try it yourself and feel the sensation in every browser!

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